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The Real Meantime Girl Author is Lisa Andrews

------ Begin Cut ------

First, go read Lisa Andrews' What's A Meantime Girl? essay, posted in her own journal:

Now, if you are moved by Lisa Andrews' What's A Meantime Girl? essay, then please COPY THIS ENTIRE ENTRY, and post it into your own journal or blog or whatever. Use the same title: "The Real Meantime Girl Author Is Lisa Andrews."

Why? Because all over the world, disrespectful plagiarists have stolen Lisa Andrews' What's A Meantime Girl? essay pretending that it is theirs. Just look it up in Google.

Some web sites have even copyrighted her essay. Stealing Lisa's essay - something written from the bottom of her heart to express her own personal pain and grief in a way that we all can feel - is just plain wrong.

Lisa isn't rich. She can't afford hordes of lawyers. So this is our little way of bringing the truth to the world. When enough blogs and journals and on-line diaries start pointing to her work and truthfully attributing the What's A Meantime Girl? essay to Lisa Andrews, everyone will know the truth. And maybe, just maybe, those plagiarists and web sites will change their tune.

------- End Cut -------
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WLS post

As of today i've lost 93 lbs since the day of surgery. I now weigh 369 lbs. I am smaller than I have been in 2 years. I need to lose 10 lbs and i'll be smaller than i've been since 1998. I'm getting there. Thank GOD!. Hurray! :)

93 lbs down, and 200 lbs to go!
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C++ Programmers unite!

My friend is taking C++ This semester and i'm having issues helping him because I can't remember C++ to save my ever loving life. This program does not exit correctly. It's supposed to exit on it's own after it's analyzed the line of code but it doesn't until you'v ehit enter 4 times for a short text entry and 6 times for a long text entry.

If you could help us fix his program i'd appreciate it :) Program behind the cut.

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my eenternerd she is fixed

i am teh happy - eeeenternerd is fixed. now i'm busy setting about figuring a few things out - i'm a bit confused bout a few things...

anyway my yahoo webcam is up you can look me up as sephrana and click on view my webcam :P


Mary Kay Party

Christmas is only 3 short months away! Now is the perfect time to order Christmas presents and get some of that Christmas shopping done early!
In the interest of helping everyone on my friends list who needs to shop for a woman I have an announcement:

You are invited to an ONLINE “E-Party”!!!
I am hostessing an ONLINE “E-PARTY” for my Mary Kay Consultant, Alice Wright
Two Days from Midnight Friday September 24, 2004 until Midnight Sunday September 26, 2004!! (all time's are central!)
(That's this weekend!)

Here is all you have to do:
-Get comfortable!! You can even shop in your jammies!!
-Visit her webpage at !
-View and shop for the latest and greatest in Mary Kay products!!
-Don’t forget birthdays, weddings and anniversary gifts!! Let Alice know and she’ll even gift-wrap for you for FREE!!!
-You will also receive a FREE GIFT with a $40 or more purchase!!
-Make sure to register for the MK Signature $10,000 Sweepstakes Give-Away!!
-All orders will go directly to Alice and will not be part of any mega list sold to other companies. Alice will confirm your order with you and arrange for delivery or shipping with you via email or phone. (Whichever you indicate on your order)
-You can either pay online with a credit card or pay Alice upon delivery.
-It is so easy and fun plus you will be ordering from the #1 Best Selling Brand of Skin Care and Color Cosmetics for the past 9 years!! WOW!! It is so great to try these wonderful products and know they are 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!

Please put MY NAME (Carol Wright) in the COMMENTS SECTION on the order page! This will let Alice know that you joined my ONLINE “E-PARTY” and I will earn free products!!
If you would like to get FREE PRODUCTS and hostess your own ONLINE “E-PARTY”, make sure to let Alice know in the comments section or email her at She will send you the details and an “e-message” that you can pass on to your email list of friends!!

Don’t delay! This “E-Party” invitation self-destructs in 24 hours!!!
Have Fun & Happy Shopping.

P.S. If you have any questions about any of the products you can email Alice at or call her (Contact me for her phone #)
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Poll #328376 surgery

I know i have asked this before but I want to give you one last chance. I have surgery in less than 2 weeks. Do you wish to be contacted with my status? It'll probably be me, if I can't talk because i'm intubated I'll leave mom with instructions to call you. Leave your real name and # in the poll. If I already have your stuff you don't have to participate again but it would make me smile if you did. as i'm goin to just US print the poll pages. but whatever, i won't cry. I love you all.

If you want only me to contact you then type "only you"
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Friends list cut

I cut some people from my friends list - mostly people who haven't posted in a while or who i think may hold contempt for me but remain to read my journal to give other people info.

If you think i've made a mistake then please let me know and i'll think and try and reconsider :)